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Two Ways to Feed Your Strengths

Most of us, from infancy to adulthood, have likely endured excessive emphasis on our weaknesses especially by the people closest to us. As we mature and encounter unique life experiences, we realize that we’re very conscious of our weaknesses but lack knowledge about our strengths. What we fail to realize is that awareness of one’s strengths, undoubtedly, is key to self-appreciation and self-love. But how can these strengths be fueled?

One of the best ways to identifying your strengths is by knowing who you are. It is important to take some time to explore who you are, as in, your personality, interests, values etc. If you believe that you need help understanding your personality type, what works for you and what doesn’t, consider taking a free Jung personality test as a starter. You’ll be provided with a couple of questions that are meant to assess you and determine your personality type. This is not to suggest that we need a couple of tests in order to know who we are. It is meant to be a guide for those who need help to easily express who they are in simple terms. After you have taken a personality test, consider taking a strength and weakness test to help you to identify what those elements are. What next?

  1. The plan. Once you’ve identified your key strengths, consider engaging in activities that will maximize those strengths and make them flourish. For instance, if one of your key strengths is curiosity, then you need to be engaging in activities that will give you the opportunity to learn and grow in knowledge. Perhaps you would need to challenge yourself to become an expert on a particular subject by hosting discussion groups or creating presentations to teach others what you know – this becomes another way of learning and fueling your curiosity.   
  1. Make a habit out of your strengths. In order for something to develop into a habit, it needs to be practiced frequently. Each week, ensure that whichever strengths you’re working on are being applied by weaving them into your routines. Still on the subject of curiosity, you can even set out to learn something new each week through simple research, thanks to Google! Send a Whatsapp message to your friends to share some of the useful information you’re discovering and gathering. This does not only establish you as one with authority over a subject, but also fuels your desire to learn in the process.

Feeding your strengths help you to operate in a space that brings out the best in you, which will ultimately positively affect those around you. What are some methods you’ve used to fuel your strengths?




Abena is Founder and Creative Director at Obaasema. An entrepreneur, advocate for women's empowerment, communications consultant and a lover of creativity, Abena was inspired to create Obaasema magazine as a result of her desire to inspire and empower other women.

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