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Three Fabulous Natural Hair Channels on YouTube

YouTube channels dedicated to providing natural hair tips keep springing up everyday. I’ve accessed several of them from time to time for tips. Three of my personal favorites include:


My NaturalMyNaturalSistas Sistas provides natural hair, beauty and fashion tutorials. It’s a great place to get tips as you transition from relaxed to natural tresses.

Check out her YouTube channel here.



Naturalme4cNaturalMe4C provides some of the simplest natural hair tutorials, beauty reviews and a whole lot more! Her blog, especially, consists of categories ranging from hair products, hair styling ideas, skin care and twists outs to Bible lessons and family life.   

Check out her YouTube channel here, and blog here.



LivingWithOsa has been styling hair for 16 years and been natural for 11 years. She shares her extensive knowledge of hair styling and maintenance by providing great tutorials on makeup application, natural hair growth series and more.

Check out her YouTube page here.


Who are some of your favorite natural hair bloggers and vloggers?




Mia-Shanelle is a NYC trained Stylist. After studying at the Aveda Institute in Soho she went on to train at the renowned 5th Ave. Ted Gibson Salon and then honed her cut and style techniques at Mark Garrison Salon. She then decided to take her show on the road, living out her beauty school dream of being a mobile stylist. Her skill set includes but is not limited to gorgeous blow outs, updos, extensions, braids and smoothing treatment.

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