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How to Give Your Mind A Rest

how-to-give-your-mind-restHave you ever observed the rhythm of your mental activity? What about the times when it works faster than a whirlwind? From one situation to the other, it begins to take the shape of a tornado.  

Drop it.

If you catch yourself going through this often, it is about time you considered practicing one of the most simple yet powerful exercises ever – breathing. Take a long, deep breath in and slowly exhale. Repeat this as many times as you can within a 3-minute period while letting go of overwhelming thoughts. If you can walk into an open space with fresh air during this period, do so for added benefits.

Your mind is the powerhouse of reasoning and thoughts. Your perception, judgement and memories spring from this source, an apparent indication of its strength. If you are able to learn the art of controlling what your mind does and how it processes information, you’ll be able to eliminate unnecessary triggers of stress.

Give it a rest this week.




Abena is Founder and Creative Director at Obaasema. An entrepreneur, advocate for women's empowerment, communications consultant and a lover of creativity, Abena was inspired to create Obaasema magazine as a result of her desire to inspire and empower other women.

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