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How To Control What You Put Into Your Body

Anyone can workout for an hour but true strength is to control what goes on your plate the other 23 hours, now that’s hard work! Your fitness and wellness is 80% about your diet and that has always been the biggest struggle for most people including myself. Here are some tips below to help you be strong and control what you put into your body each day.

Go Lean: Choose lean proteins: turkey or chicken (without the skin), fish (skip the fatty sauce)  or go meatless with lentils, beans and chickpeas

Veg Out: Hit the crunchy vegetables. Hard. They’ll fill you up, making you less likely to overeat. You never hear anyone say they ate way too many veggies

Window Shop: Buffet time? Cruise the food before digging in. Think through what’s offered and pick only the things you really, truly need. You might say well, Coach Cass that’s the whole damn buffet. My answer to you is you have a goal to meet, eye on the prize please. Prioritize and portion the best of the worst choices you’re given.


Prioritized Drinking: Do you have to drink at every event you go to? Especially if it’s multiple times a week? Try and prioritize when you have to drink especially when you have a goal to meet; the alcohol isn’t going to help you meet it. When you do drink, do red wine if you can and make that drink last all night by taking tiny sips. You’ll lower your caloric intake as well.

Think Small: Always use a small plate if there’s a choice. That way you can’t gather a mountain of food without feeling or looking greedy

Do it yourself: Bring your own amazing dish you can turn to in times of need. Make your contribution to any get together a super-healthy, low-cal, extremely tasty dish that you can’t get enough of. If all the other offerings are too rich or fatty, you can rely on your own cooking

Take a Moment: When cravings hit, stop and ask yourself, “Am I really hungry?” Just a few seconds might reveal that you’re really just tired or bored? A little talk with yourself can spare you some unwanted calories or a tall glass of water.

Take your Time: Savor the food. Appreciating each bite can help you eat less and appreciate what you had.

Always remember and never forget: Nothing tastes as good as healthy feels


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Cassandra Nuamah, aka "Coach Cass" is danceaholic, travelista and fitness fanatic that makes healthy living and positive energy contagious. She's a certified personal trainer, group exercise instructor, and health and wellness coach. After losing 50 pounds and transforming her lifestyle, her mission is to help individuals, groups and organizations live happier and healthier lives. She believes that in order for us to be successful, make money, and network, we have to be well. Our health physically, mentality and spiritually is so important for our growth and stability. She has given a variety of wellness seminars, group fitness classes and workshops on the topics of healthy living, positive thinking, de-stressing, time management and fit body strategy to numerous organizations and groups all over the world. She teaches an African Dance Workout called Kukuwa® African Dance Workout (kukuwafitness.com) created by her mother Kukuwa. This awesome African Dance Workout allows one to travel to Africa without their passport through music and dance. Therefore she and her mother organize yearly Fitness and Cultural excursions to different countries in Africa each year so people can experience the continent for real. Coach Cass and mother Kukuwa travel the world certifying instructors in Kukuwa® African Dance Workout and making the fit and healthy lifestyle contagious African style.If you'd like to receive weekly wellness tips and motivation from her along with her monthly workout calendar, and more information on her next group fitness and cultural African excursion, signup on her site at email her at cass@wellnesswithcoachcass.com. You can also follow her on social media: *Instagram: @coachcassfit ; *Periscope: @coachcassfit ; *YouTube: Cassandra Nuamah

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