• Genevieve Puni

    Genevieve Puni

    Genevieve Puni, HR practitioner and founder of Rectrain Ltd, an HR company, is our Woman Wednesday spotlight and also this week’s feature on Game Changers. This quote was extracted from our interview with her on Game Changers. Don’t miss our chat with this ambitious young woman on Friday, December 18, 2015 on Youtube.com/obaasematv or Facebook.com/obaasema.

  • Sena Ahadji the Moment Catcher

    Sena Ahadji the Moment Catcher

    Who’s this young, mysterious lady known as The Moment Catcher? Don’t miss her on #GameChangers showing at 12 PM on December 11, 2015, on YouTube.com/obaasematv and Facebook.com/obaasema. Who’s your #GameChanger? Drop us a line below!  

  • Pamela Owusu Brenya

    Pamela Owusu Brenya

    Pamela Owusu Brenya, also known as DJ Pam Bam is one of the baddest DJs in Accra but what most people don’t know is that she’s also a political scientist by profession. Learn more about this empowered woman on December 4th at 12 PM on Game Changers, showing at Youtube.com/obaasematv and Facebook.com/obaasema.    

  • Furniture Designer and Manager at Tekura, Audrey Forson

    Furniture Designer and Manager at Tekura, Audrey Forson

    Audrey Forson is a furniture designer who manages Tekura, a handcrafted furniture and decor business. What we admire about this young woman is the way in which she has consistently promoted Tekura, a brand which seeks to offer quality products that help to reduce negative stereotypes of Africa. She is our Obaasema for the week.

  • Broadcast Journalist, Anchor and Producer Wendy Laryea

    Broadcast Journalist, Anchor and Producer Wendy Laryea

    Our Woman Wednesday quote this week is by award-winning broadcast journalist/anchor/producer at TV3 network, Wendy Laryea. She’s producer of the award-winning program, Business Focus, on TV3 and continues to use her position to add her voice to a number of social issues to effect change. She’s our Obaasema of the week. Stay empowered by the

  • Ethel D Cofie – The Technology Entrepreneur

    Ethel D Cofie – The Technology Entrepreneur

    She was a 2014 Mandela Fellow for President Obama’s Young African Leadership Initiative (YALI), founded Women in Tech Africa and was shortlisted for the UN GEM Tech Award for her work in supporting women in ICT. She also participates in various activities that involve technology and women in leadership. She is clearly living out passions

  • Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond

    Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond

      Five years after publishing Powder Necklace, a novel that highlights the life of a young Ghanaian girl who was sent to Ghana by her mother to attend a rural school as a move to protect her from bad influences in London, Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond is still being discussed and making waves with her recent

  • Anbuley, The Afro-Electronica Artist

    Anbuley, The Afro-Electronica Artist

    We’ve been loving the tunes of Anbuley for a minute! This budding musician was born in Vienna to Ghanaian parents, which explains the African influence in her ¬†eclectic music. Why do we admire her? Because she had the guts to venture into a genre quite different from what most African musicians would get into –

  • Ama K. Abebrese, A Positive Voice For Self-Acceptance

    Ama K. Abebrese, A Positive Voice For Self-Acceptance

    When award-winning Ghanaian actress and television presenter Ama K. Abebrese, along with other industry women, appeared in a billboard advertisement that subtly condemned the ever present skin “lightening” campaigns in Ghana and rather promoted appreciation of natural skin tones, it got people talking. Founder of the¬† ‘I Love My Natural Skintone’ campaign that aims to

  • Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson

    Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson

      Elizabeth Akua-Nyarko Patterson is the founder and executive director of Girls Education Initiative of Ghana (GEIG), a non-profit that provides financial and academic support to girls including those with special needs; this is to ensure that they gain access to education beyond secondary education. In April, she was announced winner of the third annual

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