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Ghanaian Designer AMEYO Exhibits at FGHSHOP

As this year’s shopping festival organized by Fashionista GH kicked off, fashionistas in Accra scrambled to the venue to see what interesting designs they could find to buy. I went with one agenda: Who’s new in the fashion market and what are they doing differently. I wanted to see something fresh and innovative.

Co-creative Director of AMEYO designs Netty AnangIt is why I couldn’t just bypass AMEYO’s stand. I was all over Co-creative Director Netty Anang because I loved their work and the creativity exhibited in their designs. From glasses cases and pillowcases to classy, fashionable, wearable pieces, this label won me over. Perhaps I’m a bit biased because their style fits right into what I would wear!

I was especially drawn to their kente blazer (featured above and worn by Netty in a different fabric in the image to the left). The cut was on point – which is a biggie for me with designs.

You can check out the label here: www.ameyofashionhouse.com, though the site is currently under construction.



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